Ever wondered what constitutes a bedroom? The biggest misconception is that in order to be a bedroom, it has to have a closet.

A bedroom should have a closet, but this depends on if it’s common for the area. Before closets, people stored their clothes in armoires and dressers. According to ANSI (American National Standards Institute a bedroom is any room that you can fit a conventional bed into.  

In general, bedrooms should be at least 90 square feet in size and have at least one bedroom in the house 120 square feet in size. A bedroom ceiling needs to be at least 7 ft tall. It’s okay if some portions of the ceiling are below this level, but at least 5ft. tall on sloping ceilings & 50% of the ceiling needs to be a minimum of 7 ft in height. As most ceilings tend to be at least 8 ft tall, ceiling height is usually not an issue.

Bedrooms should also have a window which provides an emergency exit, natural light and ventilation. A bedroom must have one other method of egress beyond the entrance point. A door to the exterior works as an exit point, and so does a window. According to the ANSI, a bedroom window must be no greater than 44 inches from the floor. It needs at least 5.7 square feet for the opening, and it must measure no less than 24 inches high and 20 inches wide.

Bedrooms should have a direct access to a hallway, living room or other common area. You should not have to walk through one bedroom to get to another.