Are you listing soon? Has your home been sitting on the market? 

You'll want to skim these Home Staging tips to make sure your house is in the optimal condition for showings and photos! We are going to focus on key spaces in your home to grab the buyers' attention and make them fall in love!

We'll be adding to this blog post with more Home Staging tips, so keep checking back for more. Feel free to comment with some challenging spaces you're facing in your own home. We'd love to help.

The Kitchen 

Kitchen - Staging your Home

Kitchens really do sell houses. We've watched otherwise lackluster homes make buyers fall in love with beautiful backsplash tile, modern or interesting light fixtures, and brand new CLUTTER-FREE countertops. Sometimes all it takes it a good clean up and a touch of style.

Easily spruce up your kitchen space by packing up small appliances, organizing cabinets and shelves, installing a new light fixture, adding a fresh coat of paint to cabinets and/or updating the backsplash with some peel-and-stick faux tile.


Decluttering - Staging your Home

Less is best when showing your home to potential buyers. It's important to get rid of clutter, including excess furniture. This will help your home appear more spacious and help potential buyers envision their belongings in the space. 

Office Space

Office Space - Staging your Home

Add a functional office space. More people than ever are working from home and/or homeschooling. Increase your home's desirability and functionality with a dedicated (preferably picturesque, of course) office space. 


Depersonalize - Staging your Home

Depersonalize your space while you're decluttering. Buyers want to be able to picture themselves living in your home. Prior to an open house or showing appointment, be sure to pack away the kids' artwork, family pictures, and any personal collections. Not only does this give the buyer a clean, decluttered space to marvel at, but it adds a layer of privacy for you and your family.  

The Bathroom

Bathroom - Staging to Sell

Scrub and then scrub again! Nothing will turn off potential buyers more than a gross bathroom. A little extra time and elbow grease in this room will go a long way to increase your home's appeal.


As you can see, attention to detail goes a long way when selling your home.

You'll want to give potential buyers enough updates to make them "Oooo!" but enough clean, open space to let them "Awww" at the thought of themselves in the home. 

Let us know what else you'd like tips on! It could be more staging tips or anything else you're struggling with. We're always happy to help and lend you some advise.

Speaking of selling your home ...  

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